Monday, January 17, 2011

Laura Amiss

Hi everyone -  it's great to be back after a relaxing and fun holiday period. I'm looking forward to what the new year has to bring and what wonderful prints and patterns we are going to discover!

I'm kicking off 2011 with a look at the illustrator and designer responsible for the print I posted last week (to let you know when I would be back and blogging). I discovered Laura's work via Etsy - she is an illustrator and designer based in The Netherlands. I especially love her use of textures and the way she combines textiles with prints. Here is a look at some of her work available from her Etsy store.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing these. They're really inspiring. I think the Netherlands is one of the most inspiring countries. They really have an amazing sense of design.

    I love your blog! Thanks for finding and sharing all these inspiring projects.



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