Sunday, May 13, 2012


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well it’s been a while hasn’t it! A lot has happened in the last year and many times I’ve debated whether or not to continue with this blog because I felt that if I couldn’t commit to it one hundred percent then it was easier to stop blogging altogether you might of guessed from my posts way back in July last year I’ve been busy with study….but I also moved interstate, started a new job, I am planning my wedding and working on house renovations as well as the myriad of other things that life involves….but I’m beginning this week with a new resolve and a renewed energy for this blog.

I still love surface pattern and design and I want to continue on this amazing journey. While I might not be able to post every day I will try to post something new every week…I have folders of wonderful and amazing design work that I want to share with you….everywhere you go there is surface pattern to inspire and amaze.....I’m thankful for all the likes on Facebook and the wonderful comments this blog receives…I’m grateful that I can inspire kids to enjoy the beauty of surface pattern and design as well…see this wonderful blog post....

It made me smile that in a class in the USA were inspired by a blog post from my blog  for their art project…. Thanks Mrs Brouwer.

I’m also working on an exciting project that I will hopefully be able to share on the blog very soon…anyway enough about what’s been going on…I just wanted to share an update….I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend…

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