Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sara Dirks

I am very excited to introduce our very first contributor to the blog!!! Please welcome Sara Dirks.

Actually I will let Sara introduce herself.....and stay tuned for her very first post on the blog later this morning.

Hey everyone!
My name is Sara Dirks and it's nice to meet you.

I am originally from the great midwest state of Iowa but have been residing in New York for the last 4 plus years. I am a graphic designer turned print and pattern designer turned blog attempter. (Starting right now).
One day while looking for printspiration I came across the I Heart Prints And Patterns blog. La dee da ... scrolling, scrolling ... call for contributors ... Maybe I could do that? ...  Maybe I'd suck, who knows!? ... But here I am. You're welcome.

I love the role patterns play in this world, whether it be in nature or wallpaper. I like to see it, create it, use it, and enjoy it. I hope that my contributions to this blog are found entertaining if not even a little inspiring. Emily has a great thing going here, and I don't mind riding on her patterned coat tails. Thanks Emily!

All The Best, 

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